How to Send WhatsApp Notifications via Yellow Messenger?

The following guide will help developers to send Whatsapp Notifications using Yellow Messenger Platform.

Guide to Create a Campaign#


  • WhatsApp for business account has to be created, verified and approved by Facebook
  • All templates have to be created and approved by Facebook. Sample Notifications are given towards the end of this document.

1. Create Campaign#

Select the “Create campaign” option in “Campaigns'' tab which is part of the Insights menu, select the channel as WhatsApp and provide the name of the campaign with a brief description about the campaign.

2. Add Audience#

Click on “Add Audience” and select the necessary data points (fields) required for this Audience based on which we can create segments.

Once we are in the ‘Audience’ tab, we can create a audience database here as shown below -

User data can be added manually or imported from a csv file as well.

Different user segments can be created using the segment button on the top right - hand corner

Select the “Audience” and “Segment” in the campaign configuration.

3. Add Template#

Add a “template”, the information should be the same as the information in the template that is approved by WhatsApp in, this information can be provided by the Yellow Messenger team.

Select the template in the campaign configuration.

Upon clicking “Next”, the WhatsApp message will be sent to users in the Segment selected.

All the scheduled campaigns and their statuses can be seen in the below menu.

Sample Templates#

  1. Abandoned Cart Notification:
Hi {{1}},
Your cart from {{2}} is waiting. Please make use of the below link to continue checkout.
Checkout Link: {{3}}
  1. Order Status Notification
Congratulations! We would like to inform you that your order has been placed. Please click here to check the live status of your order. {{1}}
  1. Product Launch Notification
Introducing Epigamia Kitchen’s latest finding - Coconut Yogurt. Pre-Order now : {{1}}