How to Apply for WhatsApp Notification Templates?

Let’s first define what are notifications. One time notifications that can be send to a single or a bulk of customers to provide updates or alerts. Buttons and click to actions are an additional feature that are present in notifications.

For example:

Some important points to know about WhatsApp Notifications :#

Opt-in for push notifications#

You cannot send push notifications without customers consent. If you still send the users notification without getting their consent. They might block your brand on Whatsapp or report it to Whatsapp. In both cases Whatsapp can either contact you to show them the flow for getting consent or directly block the business account. So make sure that you follow the guidelines mentioned here to get customer opt-in.

Notification Templates | ETA on WhatsApp upto 24hrs#

The push notifications to be sent will have to be approved by whatsapp. Marketing or promotional templates will be rejected, abusive or threatening templates are not allowed. Even if the template has spelling mistakes, it will be rejected. For more details visit here.

  1. Visit

  2. Choose your business page from the given pages.

  1. Once you choose an account you will land on a page like this, Here click on Business Settings on the left panel.

  1. Next we will go to WhatsApp Accounts on the left panel.

  1. Go to Settings on the page and click on WhatsApp Manager

  1. Finally after these five steps of click-click we have reached on the Message templates page.

Here you will find the templates/ notification examples which can be used for testing purposes.

  1. Here you can click on Create Message Template, to create a new one.

Choose the category, Name and Language here and click on continue.

  1. There are three ways of adding a header to the notification.
    1. None - no header basically
    2. Text
    3. Media - Image, Video, File

You can add other details to the notification like Body, Footer, Quick Replies etc.

There are two kinds of buttons here

  1. Click to Action - Add a website URL or contact number which open phone or browser app automatically.
  2. Quick Replies - Add buttons which trigger a particular response in the bot

Some tricks and Tips while creating a notification -#

  1. You can add variables in the Body by using the plus button given below the body box or type {{1}} numbers in curly braces. These variables can be changed or defined as per customer.

  2. The features like Bold, Italics works as it does in normal Whatsapp conversation Bold Italics ~strike~

  1. There can be multiple reasons for rejection of a whatsapp template like, promotional texts are not allowed, grammatical mistakes, etc.

More information here -